• Solid academic background in human-computer interaction or related field (BS or MS in Computer Science or related field a big plus).
  • Demonstrated experience in designing usable web-based interfaces.
  • Expert HTML skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript for rapid prototyping purposes.
  • Strong, clean visual design sense.
  • Excellent leadership, communication and teamwork skills.
  • Fluency in both Chinese and English.


  • Early-stage user research methods such as contextual inquiry, paper prototyping, card sorting, personas.
  • Working with product teams to ensure that user research findings are tracked and acted on.
  • Design and analysis of experiments or surveys.
  • International user research or remote user studies.
  • Accessibility and universal design.
  • Analysis of web server log data.
  • Web design/HTML.
  • Programming/scripting.
  • Eye-tracking.
  • Testing applications for mobile devices.
  • On-line communities and social computing.


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  1. 留个言,google用JS做prototype的……

  2. 本站主人是叫xiaoxiao吗?怎么联系,想和你沟通些问题,找了半天没找到QQ号

  3. 我不知道说什么好,他们可能是很出色的个人

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