pickle / 5pIkl; `pIkl/ n
(a) [U] food (esp vegetables) preserved in vinegar or salt water 腌菜(尤指蔬菜): red cabbage pickle 红卷心菜泡菜. (b) [C usu pl 通常作复数] particular vegetable preserved in this way 泡菜: The dish was accompanied by a variety of pickles. 这盘菜配有什锦泡菜. * cheese and pickles 奶酪加泡菜. (c) [U] liquid used to preserve food in this way 泡菜水; 腌菜的汁: leave an ox tongue in salt pickle 把牛口条放在腌菜汁里腌制. Cf 参看 relish 3, sauce 1.
[C] (Brit infml 口) mischievous child 调皮孩子: She’s a real little pickle! 她真是个小调皮!
(idm 习语) (in) a sad, sorry, nice, pretty, etc `pickle (in) a difficult or unpleasant situation; (in) a mess 处境困难或不愉快; 又脏又乱.

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