IE7 Beta2 Preview


  2、TAB标签得到了更好的用户感,在Opera8.0的时候我感叹他的Tab可用性爽的时候,IE beta2已经更好的利用了这一点;
  6、另人惊叹是的Quick Tabs(TAB缩略功能)和Page Zoom(整体页面的缩放功能);
  7、IE的版本是 7.0.5299.0;
  8、增加了phishing filter功能,有点相当于QQ的安全中心;
  9、以下为截图,测试版本占用内存还是相当高的,相当在正式版放出后应该有很大的提高。单单从用户感和体验上来说,IE 7已经领先一步了。

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官方What’s new

Dynamic security protection through a simplified architecture that defends against malware, and new dynamic ways to protect against personal data theft from fraudulent Web sites (a practice known as “phishing”).

Improved design to make everyday tasks easier and faster, with better navigation through tabbed browsing; inline search right from the toolbar; shrink-to-fit Web page printing; and a streamlined, redesigned user interface (currently in its early stages in Beta 1).

New tools to take you directly to the information you want through support for Web feeds (RSS) that includes automatic discovery of web feeds (RSS) on Web pages, basic Web Feed (RSS) reading capabilities, and basic support for saving Web feeds (RSS) as a new kind of favorite.

Platform enhancements for developers to improve compatibility and manageability, including improved support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) as well as transparent PNG support.


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