Chapter 1:Why Hack CSS?
Chapter 2:Filtering CSS for Older Browsers
Chapter 3:Hiding CSS from Newer Browsers
Chapter 4:Applying Conditional Comments
Chapter 5:Scripting JavaScript and Document Object Model Hacks
Chapter 6:Coding Server-Side Solutions
Chapter 7:Enhancing Graphics and Media with CSS
Chapter 8:Maintaining Accessibility with CSS
Chapter 9:Integrated CSS Hack Layouts
Chapter 10:Building Navigation Systems
Chapter 11:Troubleshooting CSS
Chapter 12:Implementing CSS Hacks in Dreamweaver
Chapter 13:Creating CSS-Savvy Dreamweaver Templates

Book Description

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a method of describing how a Web page should look in a Web browser, but a growing number of browsers do not support CSS in the same way, forcing developers to constantly play catch-up to keep their sites consistent
Bestselling author Joe Lowery eases the pain for those Web developers who aren’t feeling the CSS love-he guides readers through real-world workarounds that will help a CSS-based site look and work the way it was meant to
Readers will grit their teeth, clench their fists, and roll their eyes for the last time once they learn how to craft fluid multi-column layouts, build interactive navigation, fix the Box Model, implement CSS hacks in Dreamweaver, and more cool tricks

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