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Windows Live Messenger Mobile发布

  微软在近日发布了手机专用的Windows Live Messenger Mobile(WLMM),Java Powered和Symbian系统都能使用。其实Smartphone版本的早就有了。当然,首先是要开通GPRS,或者你可以直接手机访问mobile.live.com,一样可以在线使用MSN Live Messenger。

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W3C Day in Berlin to Focus on Mobile Web


2005-07-18: The W3C Office in Germany and Austria is pleased to present W3C-Tag 2005 – Das Mobile Web (W3C Day) on 14 September in Berlin, Germany. The event is organized jointly with Berliner XML-Tage at Humboldt University. W3C Day focuses on mobile Web and W3C’s Mobile Web Initiative (MWI). Speakers include Philipp Hoschka (W3C) and Dr. Simone Emmelius (ZDF). The event is free and open to the public. Registration with Berliner XML-Tage is required. (News archive)

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